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Fall Colors in Texas

Photo of bare trees and pumkins

A canopy of bare trees and two rows of pumpkins.

Photo of yellow rose

A lone yellow rose.

Photo of purple mums.

A carpet of purple mums.

Photo of red mums

Mounds of red mums.


Gorgeous Peaches

Aren’t these peaches gorgeous?

Bluebonnets in Texas 2010

One morning this week, as I was driving down the road, I saw several hillsides covered with lush, rolling waves of bluebonnet flowers. A mere two days later, cameras in hand, we found that we had missed the height of the bluebonnet season. While unable to share photos of that lovely early morning sight, I think that this photograph which we were able to take is still very nice.

"Bluebonnet Close-up 2010"

"Bluebonnet Close-up 2010"

White Chocolate Crape Myrtle Buds

The White Chocolate Crape Myrtles have not started blooming yet, but I have been eager to use this overlooked photograph from last year.

"White Chocolate Crape Myrtle Buds"

"White Chocolate Crape Myrtle Buds"


Garden April 17, 2010

We spent an hour in our flower garden yesterday. I felt so refreshed after admiring the beauty just outside our back door.

"A photograph of a rose on April 17, 2010"

A Rose on April 17, 2010

Sky over the Mississippi River

This is one of my favorite nature photographs. It is a picture of the sky over the Mississippi River in August.

"Billowing white clouds in a bright blue sky over the Midwest"

Midwest Summer Sky

The Mississippi River moving slowly.

"Black and white image of Mississippi River moving slowly."

Mississippi River Moving Slowly

If you are not familiar with David Mahew’s photography, it is worth your time to take a look at his website –

Knitting socks?

Yesterday I gave up knitting. I am getting older and I need more free time.

Then, last night I thought perhaps I could limit myself to three-ply yarn and children’s knits.

"My granddaughter visiting Texas!"

Can you blame me?